1st March – Dan’s Friday Film-Making Creative Tips & Wonders

08 Dan's Friday Film-Making Creative Tips & Wonders


In this week’s blog post, we explore director J.A. Bayona’s newest film, Society of the Snow, which chronicles the extraordinary story of the Uruguayan 1972 flight disaster and the unwavering resilience displayed by its survivors in the midst of adversity. Then, we unveil an innovative AI tool called the Storyboard Generator, crafted to help individuals in bringing their creative visions to life. Lastly, we honor the remarkable career of filmmaker Edgar Wright, as he analyses key scenes from his legendary movies, offering insight into his filmmaking prowess.

Society of the Snow


Society of the Snow is a 2023 Spanish survival thriller film directed by J. A. Bayona, centred around the Uruguayan 1972 Andes flight disaster. In 1972, a Uruguayan rugby team of 16 players heads to an exhibition match in Chile. As they, along with friends, family and a crew, fly from Montevideo to Santiago over the Andes mountains their plane experiences turbulence. It crashes onto a mountainside, into deep snow and plunging, freezing temperatures. With forty-five people on board, only 33 survived. Over 72 days, even more died. Hard decisions are made. Eating corpses of friends is only one of the unspeakable challenges they face.

What makes this movie stand out from the typical trauma-packed gore fests and propels it to a whole new level is its deep, thought-provoking script and the unwavering performances of its cast. It makes you question faith and whether the act of surviving against all odds is a defiance of God, challenging us to ponder whether religion is a force for good or a dark stain on humanity.

The film’s clever use of real footage and photos from the survivors further cements its visceral realism. Seeing these images on screen, juxtaposed with the unimaginable circumstances faced by the survivors, deeply resonates with the viewer, We empathise with their plight and ponder the remarkable resilience required to endure such dire and unforgiving conditions. Below, displayed side by side is a still from Society of the Snow and a genuine photograph from the 1972 Andes flight disaster. The images highlight the filmmakers’ commitment to faithfully recount the tragic event and the lengths taken to tell the raw, authentic story of its survivors.

Top: film still    Bottom: original photograph

Crash Photo Society of the Snow

AI Storyboard Generator


Storyboarding during pre-production can often feel like a daunting and time-consuming task, especially if you lack drawing skills – like myself! However, there’s a game-changing solution on the horizon: the emergence of powerful AI tools known as Storyboard Generators. These innovative tools harness the power of artificial intelligence algorithms to breathe life into your creative ideas without the need for intricate drawing abilities. By simply inputting text and descriptions, they can swiftly generate detailed storyboards, eliminating the need to hire a dedicated storyboard artist and thereby reducing costs.

AI storyboard generators streamline the entire storyboard creation process by analysing user-provided text and conditions to generate visual representations of scenes, sequences, and shots. They seamlessly combine scripts, scene descriptions, and even reference imagery, transforming them into structured storyboards. In essence, these tools serve as invaluable digital collaborators, aiding in the realisation of your creative vision. I believe incorporating such technology into your future projects could prove immensely beneficial, saving both time and resources while ensuring that your vision is brought to life in a visually compelling manner.


Edgar Wright Breaks Down Scenes From His Iconic Movies


Known for his kinetic editing, dynamic camera work, and inventive visual storytelling techniques, Edgar Wright has a knack for crafting films that are as visually captivating as they are narratively engaging. His films are a masterclass in visual storytelling, utilising clever transitions, fast-paced montages, and striking compositions to propel the narrative forward with unparalleled energy and style. Beyond this, Edgar Wright is also a master of comedy and genre subversion. His films are infused with a sharp wit and irreverent humour that sets them apart from the crowd. He creates films that are equal parts hilarious, thrilling, and heartfelt. He effortlessly navigates between genres, subverting audience expectations and breathing new life into familiar tropes. In doing so, he has redefined what it means to be a filmmaker in the 21st century, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and genre conventions with each new project.

A video posted by ‘Vanity Fair interviews Edgar Wright as he breaks down scenes he’s directed, shedding light on the thought processes behind some of the most memorable and iconic scenes in his movies.



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