2nd Feb – Dan’s Friday Film Tips & Wonders

04 Dan's Friday Film-Making Creative Tips & Wonders


In this week’s instalment, we delve into a game-changing AI tool – Runway’s ‘Text to Video’ technology that could reshape the future film production landscape. We then revisit the timeless speech by the legendary Charlie Chaplin in ‘The Great Dictator,’ exploring its enduring relevance today. Finally we’ll shine a spotlight on the innovative video editing hacks shared by Steven Wommack on his impressive Instagram/TikTok channel, offering inspiration for your upcoming creative endeavours!

Runway Gen 2 AI


In recent times, AI has been integrated across all aspects of video production, from scriptwriting and pre-production to post-production and special effects. Filmmakers are now able to utilise the power of AI to speed up time-consuming processes and enhance their storytelling capabilities. New software developed by ‘Runway’ is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI and gives us an idea of what film production could look like in the not-too-distant future.

Runway Gen 2 enables users to create AI-generated videos simply by typing in text. This text-to-video tool means future filmmakers have the potential to create entire worlds, characters and stories from the comfort of their own homes without the need for large film crews and expensive equipment. Though still in its early stages of development, it’s clear that the software could revolutionise the future of video production. Below are some short films made with Runway Gen 2, the results being hauntingly, very dystopian sci-fi and although not fully polished, they offer a fascinating insight into its potential.



The Great Dictator


Throughout the history of cinema, certain moments possess an enduring and profound significance. One such moment etched in the memory of many is courtesy of the legendary Charlie Chaplin and his iconic speech in the film ‘The Great Dictator’. Released in 1940, amidst the turbulence of World War II, Chaplin’s powerful words continue to echo through the corridors of time, transcending generations and inspiring hope in the face of adversity.

As the world grappled with war, Charlie Chaplin took a bold step in blending his trademark comedic genius with a poignant and timely message. ‘The Great Dictator’ marked the end of Chaplin’s silent film era, as he embraced spoken words to deliver a compelling speech that resonates deeply even today. The film depicted the rise of dictatorships and the looming threat of Adolf Hitler. Nearly eight decades later, Chaplin’s ‘Great Dictator’ speech remains an enduring testament to the power of art and cinema in shaping public consciousness. Its relevance persists in times of political upheaval, social discord, and global challenges, making it a timeless piece that is still highly relevant today and continues to inspire activists, artists, and thinkers alike.


Steven Wommack


A video editor by the name of Steven Wommack is taking the internet by storm with his popular Instagram channel which has over 2 million followers. On the channel, he shares Instagram/TikTok editing hacks and tutorial videos where he reposts viral videos with unique and cool effects in, then breaks them down so you can recreate them for yourself! The channel is highly insightful and may prove very useful for your next project if you want something new, fresh and creative!




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