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Video marketing is the ultimate marketing tool for reaching the right target audience. With fierce competition among universities and colleges, it is critical to connect with potential students through innovative marketing methods. The evolving digital marketing landscape has established video marketing as a clear leader in terms of reach, visibility, and creative and effective information delivery. According to Inc., videos generate nearly 80% of website traffic. Educational institutions that invest in quality video marketing to promote higher education connect with prospective students more effectively. The higher the quality of the video content, the greater the volume of applications from students all over the world. Here are some innovative video marketing ideas.

1. Virtual Visit of the Establishment


A virtual tour of the university or college campus is an enticing invitation for students recruitment strategy to apply for higher education at the institution. It paints a picture of what students can expect once they join the institution. The tour covers the campus, library, cafeteria, dining hall, classrooms, hostels, and other facilities, and causes a stir among prospective students. It’s a fantastic way to connect with students who live far away and are unable to visit the location in person for a live tour. It is simple to create and shoot videos of various locations on campus to provide students with an immersive experience.

2. Create Short Live Event Videos


Higher education is a combination of academic and extracurricular activities, not just books and studies. To increase student awareness, one of the best ways to spark student interest is to showcase various campus events and celebrations – short videos of events, concerts, series, lectures, sports, and so on. One of the most effective approaches is to post short videos on social media on a regular basis to increase views, traffic, and visibility for target students and their families.

3. Stream Virtual Days Live


Open houses for students and their families are one of the most effective ways to attract and increase enrollment. During open days, freshers and prospective students can take a live guided tour of the campus, learn about campus life, meet the faculty, and see all of the university’s facilities. However, not every prospective student is able to visit and participate in open days in person. In such cases, live-streaming tours is an excellent video marketing strategy for engaging students with live walks on campus.

4. Video Production


Because they establish credibility and trust, testimonial videos are effective marketing tools. Former students’ testimonials are effective because they provide information on what future students can expect. Make short videos of students discussing their graduate school experience on campus and how it influenced their lives and careers. To create testimonial videos, record videos of various students and edit them with an online video editor like Kizoa. You can also post one testimonial at a time, along with a short video of the student. You can even create videos or testimonials from parents or faculty to help prospective students learn more about the institution.

5. Create a Social Video Production Service


Everyone should contribute to society and think in terms of sustainability. One of the best ways for universities or colleges to promote themselves is to create a video about all of their initiatives and social efforts. Students are increasingly interested in attending a higher education institution that places a premium on social responsibility. Make videos that show how the institution is involved in social collaboration, sustainability, and environmental protection. Capture and share social event video clips on social media platforms. It’s an excellent marketing tool and a great way to show future students the various initiatives in which they can get involved.

6. Research Spotlight


All higher education institutions are committed to research excellence framework and innovation. The majority of students focus on and apply to universities with advanced research, cutting-edge laboratories, and facilities. Shine a light on the institution’s research impact and technology and use it as an appealing marketing tool for students. This not only increases the number of applications from good students all over the world, but it also improves the university’s image and attracts potential collaborators. Make a brief video highlighting all ongoing projects and research at the institution, as well as providing insight into the practical application of research communications.

7. Consistent Video Content on Social Media


Social media is used by billions of students worldwide and serves as an excellent platform for video marketing. To reach students all over the world, make diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority in your video marketing strategy. To reach the target audience on social media, use paid video marketing options and create paid campaigns. Create original content about the university, specific courses, amenities, facilities, campus events, and more, to be shared on social media on a regular basis. Spend time creating short videos for TikTok or Instagram that are concise and accurate.

8. Create Personalised Videos


Personalised videos are an excellent marketing tool that have been shown to boost click-through rates. Combining email marketing with personalised video is a powerful method for attracting students. Personalised videos provide a sense of familiarity and are thus an excellent way to reach out to potential students. It is an excellent tool for assisting students in better understanding the institution and what it has to offer.



Video marketing is an effective method of attracting higher education students to a university. It is a powerful marketing tool that has high click-through and conversion rates. Increased traffic is preferred by search engine algorithms for websites with video content. Paid video marketing campaigns are an inexpensive way to reach your target audience. These suggestions are excellent for higher education institutions looking to engage their audiences through video marketing.

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