Testimonial videos and their amazing benefits

Why it's the right time for a testimonial video


We’re being increasingly asked to produce more and more testimonial videos for our clients, so we thought this week, we’d look at what makes them such a useful tool for promoting your business or brand, and what advantages a video testimonial has over a written endorsement. 


Testimonial videos just work


Alongside their cost effectiveness, and the fact that they can be produced with limited resources, a testimonial video is essentially about building credibility and trust in your service, and there is nothing more effective than a peer to peer endorsement given by a client who has had a fantastic and faultless experience with your company. The tendency to not rehearse or script these endorsements also means that they will often feel less ‘salesy’, and therefore much more authentic and genuine, which is vital in gaining a potential customer’s trust and confidence.


If other clients are so pleased with your service that they are willing to appear on camera to publicly state it, then any new client will obviously make the (correct!) assumption that you truly are the bee’s knees!


Increase engagement


A strong testimonial video will build engagement with your viewer and has an increased likelihood of being shared or referred on, compared to a written testimonial. It differentiates and authenticates your company, and can quite often be the difference that gets a client to make the first step on the sales journey.

Much like other online review systems (we like to use Clutch with our clients), your customer will probably want to look at more than just one testimonial, so the more the merrier! As testimonial videos tend to be pretty short and snappy, you can tailor each video to a specific service you offer. For example on our site, alongside our written testimonials, we currently have a digital agency partner endorsement, a university client endorsement (with a high-profile sports client lined up soon)… and we’ve also been asked to do them ourselves.


Connect with your audience


Alongside the authenticity factor, they can actually offer a ‘face’ to your company, and if done right, trigger real emotions. Your testimonial video will present people who have a real passion for your service or product, and that will hopefully translate into their testimonial, where their energy and engagement can shine through and create a connection with your audience.


    • Use the film to emote, but support the testimonial with text (we’d really recommend this!).
    • Use the video to make your audience want to find out more.
    • Share further details about the product or service within your copy.
        • What was the brief?
        • What were the objectives?
        • What were the results?


Build lasting relationships


An added bonus is that by simply asking a client for a testimonial it can actually build that relationship further, as it shows you value your client’s opinion and that you value the work you have done for them (and of course they are likely to share their starring role within their own networks too).


So to wrap up this week’s article, we’re clearly big fans of testimonial videos. They are simple to produce, extremely cost-effective and a great return on your investment. They engage directly with your audience, build trust and credibility and allow your company or service to really stand out from the crowd.


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