Dan’s Friday Creative Tips & Wonders – 1st December

07 Dans Friday Film Making Creative Tips Wonders

In this weekly post of Dan’s Friday filmmaking tips, we dive into the world of cinema as legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott unveils his favourite shots from some of the most iconic movies throughout his prolific career. We take a look at a powerful and thought-provoking short film called ‘The Wait’, which has helped to raise awareness of individuals suffering from Dementia. I also share a tutorial by YouTuber ‘Olufemii’ which shows how you can create your own trendy ‘Paper Transitions’ for your next project and help to spice up your edits!


Ridley Scott’s Favourite Shots From His Most Iconic Movies


A fascinating interview by IGN asked legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott to pick one shot he liked from each of his most iconic movies. The director of blockbusters including Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator, breaks down each shot and takes us on a journey through the inner workings of the production processes and the theory behind them.




‘The Wait’


Dementia is a terrible disease. Many of us may know of someone who is affected by it and know the devastating effects it can have on loved ones and families. ‘The Wait’ is a highly powerful and clever short film that tells the story of an elderly man and pregnant woman waiting together at the bus stop. The film has a clever use of perspective and its title ‘The Wait’ also has a triple meaning if you look for it. This powerful short helps the audience to better understand and gain a little insight, raising awareness and highlighting the struggles families face with it. Although simple in nature, the film is highly impactful and stays with you long after it is finished, proving once again that you don’t need expensive gear or a big budget to tell a powerful story!




Paper Transitions


A cool new technique that is becoming popular amongst video creators who like to use mixed media formats within their projects is ‘Paper Transitions.’ This effect involves taking a still of some footage and opening it up in Photoshop where the elements of the image are then separated. Paper textures and rips are then layered onto the image to create a highly effective technique that can be used to spice up your edits and make your work stand out from the crowd. Although a little time-consuming the results I think speak for themselves!


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