Dan’s Friday Film-Making Tips & Wonders – 19th January

02 Dans Friday Film Making Creative Tips Wonders


In this weekly instalment, we explore the evolving landscape of cinema and question whether the rise in smartphone video consumption might reshape the future of filmmaking. We examine one of the most simple yet intriguing cinematic techniques the ‘Trunk Shot.’ Then we delve into the new features of Adobe Premiere Pro in their new update and how it may help streamline your future projects.

The Future Of Cinema?


Today almost everyone has a smartphone. Many of us find ourselves ‘doom scrolling’ through TikTok and Instagram watching a variety of different content that are all readily available at our fingertips. If a video doesn’t capture our attention we can quickly scroll past and watch something else. This means that most content on social media has to be short, engaging, and concise to stand out amongst the crowd and fierce competition… or does it?

Well, a creator by the name of ‘Volentless’ is challenging this idea. He has taken some of the most iconic and cinematic films from recent history and reframed them to 9×16 which is the ideal format to maximise a smartphone screen. Using the magic of AI generative fill, the end results are fascinating and this simple switch of frame creates a mesmerizing feel to the videos. It creates additional liminal space in the frame which enhances the cinematic feel of the video and I would argue, enhances it further than the way the original filmmakers initially intended. This shows that social media videos can be slow-building, cinematic and encapsulating and ultimately engage our short attention spans. It also challenges the idea of the traditional 16×9 as the main cinematic format. Could this 9×16 be the future of cinema? After all, most videos are now viewed through smartphones, we are more connected than ever and the ability to reach the masses has never been more accessible than it is today.



The ‘Trunk Shot’


In filmmaking, directors often employ different techniques to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. One technique that has become iconic in its own right and one of my favourites is the ‘trunk shot.’ This cinematic device, characterized by its unique perspective and narrative significance, has found a place in the storytelling toolkit of many directors. Most notably, Quentin Tarantino, who loves a trunk shot regardless if there is a car in the sequence or not, incorporating it into many of his films. In “Pulp Fiction” (1994), the trunk shot is a recurring motif, each time offering a glimpse into the unpredictable and often chaotic world that Tarantino creates. The shot’s inclusion in his films has become a stylistic trademark, demonstrating its versatility in various genres. It’s a simple yet iconic shot that adds a unique viewpoint of the characters in many blockbuster films.


Adobe Premiere Pro New Features


Adobe Premiere Pro has an update and some interesting new features that are sure to streamline your next editing projects! These include an updated ‘presets panel’ that ditches old formats like ‘DV ’and introduces new social media frame sizes that can easily be exported and optimised for platforms. They have also improved the text-based editing feature which now uses AI to make cuts for you and delete pauses/filler words on long talking head videos which should save you valuable time! ‘Import & Export’ has also been improved where you can now upload footage from ‘icloud’ and also link social media accounts so that videos once exported post straight to your channels! Youtuber ‘Premiere Gal’ gives us a breakdown below of some of the new features in the update that I am sure many will find useful!




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