Video Engagement Techniques: Pt 1 What To Consider

Engagement Techniques For Video: What To Consider

In this three-part series of blog posts, we’ll be sharing some insights on engagement techniques for video, drawing on our experience and expertise in creating compelling visual content for the HE and private sectors. We’ll be exploring how video content creators can create real ‘buy-in’ from their viewers, and highlighting some of the strategies, communication techniques, and storytelling mechanisms that can work within a visual medium. Of course, this isn’t going to be a comprehensive list of techniques, and we’re not talking from a particular academic perspective either, but rather from an experiential point of view, drawing on our thoughts and experiences from twenty years working in the video production and marketing sectors.

Don’t Just List Things. Tell Us Your Story


Video has become a key component in any digital marketing or advertising campaign; its ability to create an emotional response and point viewers in a particular direction makes it an effective tool for building awareness – offering something compelling, and reaching new audiences. However, video has its limitations. It is not effective at communicating detailed information, such as technical specifications or statistics. In fact, trying to communicate reams of information through video can actually disengage viewers.

If we look at Higher Education marketing for example, universities face the challenge of differentiation – student recruitment videos are designed to entice prospective students to select a particular institution over another. However, many universities offer similar programs and courses, making it difficult to highlight the uniqueness of their particular institute. University marketing briefs often focus on showcasing the student experience, the modules, the facilities, the academic profile, and the research projects on offer. Communicating all of this information through video can be challenging.

So, how can video be used to explain and provide detailed information and data to the audience? The key is to use video as part of something bigger. A video that tells a story, creates atmosphere, and allows the viewer to get a feel for the campus or city is more effective than one that simply lists the new facilities or research awards. Video can be used to start the journey, building awareness and pointing viewers in a specific direction. Other creative formats, such as imagery, photography, and copywriting, can then be used to provide the necessary detail.



Creating an effective student recruitment script is critical to any higher education marketing strategy. The tone of voice, appropriate video duration, communicating on a peer-to-peer level, highlighting unique selling points, and emphasising student support and success are all essential elements of a successful student recruitment video. By following these tips, institutions can create a student recruitment video that is engaging, informative, and persuasive, leading to increased student enrolment and institutional success.

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