Film-Making Tips – 24th Nov

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In this weekly post of Dan’s Friday Film-Making Creative Tips & Wonders, we look at the simple yet highly effective technique of ‘Voyeurism’ and how it has been used within cinema to build drama and suspense, we discuss whether iPhones have the capacity to change the world of film-making forever, and then we uncover a fantastic new feature on DaVinci Resolve that is sure to turn heads and enhance your post-production creativity.

Could iPhones change film-making forever?


With a new iPhone being released every year and technology developing at an extraordinary rate, could smartphone technology one day catch up with the very best professional photo/video equipment on the market today? The introduction of professional video features on smartphones such as C-Log profiles, 4K resolution, autofocus and high frame rates, has empowered amateur and professional filmmakers to create high-quality content using devices that fit within their pockets! This accessibility is sure to revolutionise film-making, just as DSLRs did when they first came to the scene. In the years to come, we could see a dramatic shift where many video professionals opt to shoot large-scale projects on their smartphones, however, it is worth noting that film-making is not just about the technology you have at your disposal and knowledge – art and skill go a long way to making your work professional. The results below from the iPhone however are there for all to see…




One of my absolute favourite, simple but highly effective storytelling techniques within cinema is Voyeurism. This is the act of watching characters or events on screen in an intimate or prying manner, often from the perspective of an unseen observer. This technique can create a sense of voyeuristic engagement for the audience, making them feel like they are witnessing private moments or secrets. Many legendary filmmakers including Alfred Hitchcock have utilised this technique to great effect within their storytelling to add suspense and horror to their movies. One of my favourite uses of this is in the classic film ‘Rear Window’ where James Stewart’s character believes there is a murderer in the apartment opposite him. He spies through his rear window using his telephoto camera lens to look at other apartments in his block which leads us to a truly terrifying moment where Thorwald looks straight down the barrel of the camera and at us the audience! 😱


Re-light on Davinci Resolve


From the magicians at Blackmagic Design comes a new feature to their increasingly popular DaVinci Resolve editing platform that is sure to turn a few heads amongst video professionals. ‘Re-Light’ allows users to manipulate and create new lighting within a scene in a post-production environment, giving them greater control over the look and feel of the footage. It is particularly useful for adjusting the brightness, contrast, and colour balance of different elements within a shot and although it’s still in its early days the results are very impressive.


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