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'Indiana Jones' Legendary Sound Designers Reveal Where the Iconic Sounds Come From

‘Indiana Jones’ Legendary Sound Designers Reveal Where the Iconic Sounds Come From

Sound design is an underappreciated part of the #filmmaking process. While many can recognize a cool camera movement, few know when to recognize impressive sound design. Hopefully, that stops now, as Paramount Home Entertainment has released a new behind-the-scenes video where legendary Indiana Jones (and Star Wars) sound designer Ben Burtt, and foley artist John Roesch teach you about where some of the most iconic sounds in the franchise come from.

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5 Strangest Disney Productions You've Probably Never Seen

5 Strangest Disney Productions You’ve Probably Never Seen

When it comes to the films of Walt Disney, most people have seen the classics so many times they can recite the dialogue and sing the musical scores with barely any prompting. However, the Disney canon also includes a number of wonderfully weird titles — some from the company, others playing fast with its intellectual property — that are barely known to the general public but are savored by cinephiles with a penchant for the obscure. To help widen your knowledge of all things Disney — whether you want to or not — here are five Disney-related works that you probably never saw but should try to seek out.

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The Rise of Minimalist Filmmaking

Minimalist Filmmaking – Cinematography Captures the Intimacy of Stories

there’s been a transition to minimalism in every aspect of the most popular films right now. Gone are the days of star-studded, big-budget productions, and in comes the beauty of natural landscapes, simplistic #storytelling, and organic acting that resonates with viewers.

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