Friday Tips of Wonders – 5th January

10 Dans Friday Film Making Creative Tips Wonders


In this week’s blog post, we share a powerful AI tool that could help you reach audiences all over the globe, we look back at some of the best stunts from Hollywood in 2023 and finally, we look at the classic Christmas movie ‘Home Alone’ and ask the question… ‘Could you survive the booby-trapped home rigged by child genius, Kevin McCallister?’

HeyGen AI Translation


What if you could speak in multiple languages fluently at the touch of a button, connecting with audiences worldwide? Well with the power and magic of AI, it is now very possible! HeyGen AI Translation gives you the ability to change a recorded video to whatever language you wish when speaking in your native language. The results are truly amazing, making it a very useful and powerful tool for future video projects.



Best Stunts Of 2023


Movie fans all love a high-adrenaline stunt scene. Whether it’s a breathtaking car chase or a death-defying leap, film stunts are the heart-pounding moments that make us gasp and marvel at the performers who do them. The history of film stunts dates back to the early days of silent cinema, where pioneers like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd pushed the boundaries of physical comedy and risk-taking. As the film industry has grown, so has the complexity and scale of stunts. With the introduction of new technologies, filmmakers are now able to explore new possibilities, giving birth to iconic moments and new stunt stars such as Tom Cruise who draws in mass audiences with his Mission Impossible franchise.

And as 2023 has now drawn to a close, IGN has come up with what they consider to be the best stunts of 2023. The list contains some action-packed, jaw-dropping scenes and can be seen below.


Could You Survive Home Alone?


Home Alone is arguably one of the best Christmas movies of all time, with its annual viewing becoming part of many people’s Christmas traditions. Probably due to its brilliant casting of Macaulay Culkin as the loveable, cute protagonist and the brilliant onscreen chemistry by ‘The Wet Bandits’ Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. The question remains, could you survive the booby-trapped house of ‘Home Alone?’ Well, to save putting yourself through that horrible ordeal, the guys at Vsauce on YouTube have made an eye-opening video taking us through the science behind the traps and just what damage it would cause to the human body…


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