Involving Students in the Creative and Video Production Process

Involving Students in the Creative and Video Production Process

Authenticity and Engagement in Higher Education Marketing


In today’s digital age, higher education institutions face fierce competition to attract prospective students, so, to stand out from the crowd, universities and colleges are increasingly turning to more creative and alternative approaches to their video marketing strategies. One such approach is to involve students in the entire video production process, from the initial brainstorming and conceptualization, right through to the final editing and post-production stages. In this article, we explore how the inclusion of students throughout the production process can add real authenticity and value to your student recruitment videos.

Authenticity through Student Involvement


One of the key advantages of involving students in higher education marketing videos is the added authenticity and real-life, genuine perspectives that they can bring. Potential applicants are more likely to connect with and trust content that showcases the firsthand experiences of their peers, so by featuring real students, universities can provide a genuine glimpse into campus life, academic experiences, and the overall student journey. You can also have your students participate in focus groups during the early stages of video creation, ensuring that from the off, the content resonates with the target audience and accurately represents the institution’s culture.


Comprehensive Involvement throughout the Production Process


To really create impactful marketing videos, and potentially generate additional side-content and social media engagement, students can be engaged in and be assigned various roles throughout the production process, such as working with the crew on filming days, assisting with lighting, sound, and set design. You could also have your students contribute as on-screen talent, sharing their personal stories and perspectives in talking head interviews or even being background extras. Additionally, by involving students in the post-production stages of a project, such as the editing feedback process, you can gain valuable insights and ensure that the final video, effectively communicates your desired messages in the right way.

Fresh Perspectives and Peer-to-Peer Communication


Students bring a unique and fresh perspective to the creative brief by injecting creativity, innovation, and energy into the video content and their creative input can help break away from traditional approaches and enable prospective students to engage with peers on a more relatable level. Prospective students will see themselves reflected in the experiences and achievements they see on screen, and this can foster a sense of belonging and encourage them to envision themselves there on campus, as part of the academic community.


Highlighting Career Development Benefits


Higher education marketing videos often aim to inform potential students about the benefits of pursuing a specific programme or degree, and by involving students, alumni and industry partners, institutions can effectively showcase the career development opportunities available. Contributors can share their success stories, research projects, and post-graduation achievements and these real-world examples will help viewers to understand the practical advantages and potential career paths that can be pursued after completing their course.



Involving students in any part of the creative and video production process is a powerful strategy to create authentic, engaging, and informative content. From the initial stages of brainstorming to the final editing processes, students bring fresh perspectives, peer-to-peer communication opportunities, and a sense of authenticity that resonates with your potential applicants. By featuring real students and showcasing their experiences, universities can effectively communicate the benefits of higher education for both personal and career development. By embracing student involvement in your video productions, you not only enhance your marketing efforts but also strengthen the connection between institutions and prospective students, fostering a sense of trust and relatability, and ultimately, inspiring the next generation of learners.

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