Video Engagement Techniques: Pt 3 Finding The Right Tone And Feel For Your Video

Engagement Techniques For Video: What To Consider

To conclude our series on video engagement techniques, this week we are looking at the importance of music, dialogue and humour in video marketing and how storytelling can create an emotional connection with the audience.


Keep It Authentic


Authenticity is a crucial aspect of marketing. People want to see the world they live in and their values recognised on screen. This recognition creates a comforting feeling of not being alone. Dialogue and scripting are key components of video marketing – they must endorse and inform, but most importantly, they need to resonate with the audience. Unrealistic dialogue can be off-putting and detract from the video’s overall effectiveness. Dialogue and script should never be last minute, and revisions are crucial. Copywriters can be utilised when commissioning creative to ensure that the messaging is clear and resonates with the audience.

Although it is rare, the right music track can transform a video from something generic to something outstanding. When conceptualising, it’s helpful to have a music track in mind. This can inform visuals, edit style, and narrative. The wrong music track can kill a project. It’s essential to be aware of the connotations of the selection and how they will sit alongside the brand.

Tell a Story


Video is excellent at creating an emotional connection or impact, and the best way to do so is by telling a story. Humans have been hardwired to listen and engage with stories from an early age, so it’s a powerful tool to use in marketing. Storytelling captures the viewer’s attention, engages with them emotionally, and creates a sense of relatability that makes it more likely that viewers will remember the product or service that’s being advertised.

Relatability is vital in marketing and the crux of most creative campaigns. As a brand, it’s important to understand your audience’s objectives, emotions, day-to-day routines, challenges, and values. If the brand aligns with the audience’s values and objectives, it must be the right product or service. Idiosyncrasies are a significant part of this type of marketing, those little moments that we all share in the real world.

Humour can sometimes also be injected into a story to create a ‘water cooler’ moment. People take ownership of funny content and share it because it makes them appear funnier by association. However, the humour must work and be appropriate for the platform and audience. Humour works particularly well in shorter ads where there is little time to establish character.



In conclusion, humour, music, and dialogue are important elements in video marketing, with storytelling creating the emotional link with the audience. To create an effective marketing campaign, it’s essential to be authentic, and relatable (and inject humour only when appropriate). By understanding the audience’s values and objectives, marketers can create messaging that resonates with viewers and creates a lasting impact.

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