Video SEO and how to optimise and enhance your video content

Video SEO and how to optimise and enhance your video content

Video SEO and placement


As we covered in our last article, video production is not just about producing video content anymore – we now have to consider where your content is going to be placed afterwards. Therefore, it’s worth bearing in mind that a large volume of website traffic comes from online referrals such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, so it’s common sense to place your content there as well. It’s also very important that you consider where exactly your videos will sit on your own website. For example, you might have video content that supports your product pages, or in our case, showreels that support each of our services so you might also consider producing a testimonial or endorsement video, and again these will work really well sitting within your own website. It’s essential to take the time to consider the placement of your content and design your site and your copy accordingly.


Building context for your video content


Whenever we finish a video project that we’re particularly proud of, we like to publish it on our Portfolio page and support it with additional materials to give the project some context. This ensures that any viewer to the page (hopefully a potential new client) will have a clear understanding of how we work and will also receive additional information about the services we provide. We’ll normally offer a little bit about the brief, our methodology and processes, and where possible, offer up any additional visual materials that can help spice it up! It’s an easy opportunity to introduce mixed media into your Video SEO strategy, which is exactly what Google will be looking for.


Video that teaches


Offering free and useful services, such as providing information, training or answering frequently asked questions is a great way to build up your authority on Google, and you can do this via frequent video content updates. You don’t need the latest in high-end production values or motion graphics, but as long as you offer useful, often-requested snippets of information to your specific audience, then they have a great chance of building viewers, generating shares, and increasing your authority. You’ll find plenty of channels on Facebook and YouTube that have mastered Video SEO and you’ll notice that they will always link back to their specific website.


Don’t forget the tags


It’s absolutely vital that you complete all the meta-data and tags for each video you produce, otherwise, Google, YouTube and the like, won’t be able to find you. Use your keywords correctly and place them across all your content, and of course, make sure that within your copy you link back to your website!


Video creates traffic (the good kind)


Finally, don’t just produce one video and then stop. Keep going! When it comes to Video SEO, the more content you produce, the more chance you have of building an audience and becoming an authority. If you’re struggling for time to produce one video a week, plan four or five and shoot them in one block for weekly release (we definitely don’t do this with our articles, honest!).


Pro-tip – if you’re not sure on what to produce, use your SEO keywords as a starting point, and create video content that specifically relates to each of them.



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