3 More Reasons Why We Still Love Corporate Video Production

3 More Reasons Why We Still Love Corporate Video Production
We continue our series on the effective use of corporate video production, discussing some of the main criticisms levelled against it. In part 1, we gave our creative solutions to duration, content and production values, and in this week’s article, we offer three more creative solutions, helping you to produce engaging, compelling video content that effectively communicates your business messages.


Problem #4 – Corporate videos all look the same

It’s all too easy to produce a corporate video by numbers, using the same format as Every. Body. Else.

  • Similar stock music
  • Similar graphics template
  • Similar business message
  • Similar everything


We’ve seen it all before!

However, if creative input is valued and encouraged from all sides, then there is absolutely no reason why it should look or feel the same as every other corporate video. Of course, there are some tried and tested techniques to communicating brand messages, and granted, these do work… but that’s more about structuring narrative, rather than the overall creativity and aesthetics.


Our solution

If you want to get the conversation started about the creative approach, bring examples to the table, both good and bad, but don’t be locked into any one approach. Let your creative contributors and corporate video production team have their say, and take the time to find an approach that works. If you can find examples of strong, contemporary approaches, that’s going to be nothing but useful for any creative discussions with your agency. To get you started, here’s a couple which have their tongue firmly in their cheek.


DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades Are F***ing Great




Pro tip, when searching for examples, make sure you put in the current year in your search terms. Corporate video can tend to date extremely quickly, so examples from 2013 will already seem very dated.

Problem #5 – Corporate videos don’t seem authentic


A fairly major component in a lot of corporate video production is the tried and trusted ‘talking-heads’ interview, but for something that is such a cornerstone, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong.


They can be boring or too long (normally due to a lack of strong editorial control)

They can look dull (messy office, a noticeboard for a backdrop)

And sometimes, the speakers can even be too prepared.


An over-prepared interview response will come across as scripted, which is a big-turn off in any talking heads interview as viewers want the interviewee to feel relatable, honest, and someone they can trust.


Our solution

When producing interview-led content we’re quite often asked by the contributor if they can see the questions in advance of the interview. And more often than not, we’ll say no (very politely of course). That’s not us being rude, it’s about us wanting to preserve a sense of authenticity. If a contributor has time to look at the questions, then the natural thing to do is prepare a response in advance, which leads to a very rehearsed mood to the interview. This is the exact opposite of what you want from your contributors – you want the interview to come across as natural and honest, not robotic or forced.


Pro tip – If you do need to deliver a simple, scripted message, then acknowledge this by utilising the ‘straight to camera’ format, where your contributor looks directly into the lens and deliver their response. The right format for your messaging can make all the difference!


Problem #6 – Bad corporate video production reflects badly on your brand


A fairly obvious statement, but one worth acknowledging. Cheap-looking corporate video production will suggest to your viewer that you do not invest in your content, and therefore, might not necessarily invest in your product, service or brand. If the production values of the video are shoddy, what’s not to say that your product or service isn’t shoddy too?


Our solution

Whatever video you produce, you need to understand that viewers will see that as a true representation of your brand, product or service. That doesn’t mean you need to spend tens of thousands of pounds on your video, but it does mean that you need to ensure that what you do produce is fundamentally solid, engaging and reflective of your company’s best practices.

So if you’re thinking about using corporate video production, a great place to start is by having a conversation with your team and identify what outcomes you really want from the video.

A solid foundation is key if you want to avoid falling into some of the traps, tropes and pitfalls of the ‘usual’ corporate video. After you’ve set your business objectives, agreed-upon your messaging and factored in your target audience, you can then start to think about production values, authenticity, relatability, and creativity.

And remember, to truly create engaging video content that your audience actually watches, it can’t just be a box-ticking exercise.

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