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Viggo Mortensen on directorial debut 'Falling' and learning from Cronenberg

Actor & filmmaker Viggo Mortensen on how his early life influenced him as a storyteller, the film school he’s been at on sets and his experience with David Cronenberg.

#filmmaking #storytelling #behindthescenes

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Behind the Scenes: LED filmmaking in ‘Midnight Sky’

Going behind the scenes of George Clooney’s new film, ‘The Midnight Sky’ showing the amazingly impressive LED VFX work, revealing how scenes shot on stages can be transformed to the outdoors.

#filmmaking #cinematography #behindthescenes

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Using storytelling & filmmaking to grow your business

Storytelling can dramatically change your business. You may think filmmaking is complex and you really don’t have ideas that could transform or translate into a visual work, but there are many ways to simplify the message and the delivery — and get people to watch it.

#filmmaking #storytelling #marketing

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