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How To Make a Film in the UK

‘So, you want to make a film but your surname isn’t Spielberg? Not a problem – the UK has a thriving film industry, and many of the greatest filmmakers on the planet hail from Britain or come here to make their films. Whatever the size of the production or budget, it’s just a case of getting on with it, so why not start right here.’

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The 53 Best Opening Title Sequences in All of Cinema

‘In the hands of talented filmmakers, opening title sequences become an elevated art form. To celebrate these moments when a list of names becomes so much more, we’ve catalogued the 53 best opening title sequences in all of cinema. And while we’ve certainly missed more than a few, we think this will give you a great start in your appreciation of cinematic overtures, of movie appetizers, of opening credit sequences.’

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How Filmmakers Use Color To Set the Mood of a Scene

‘In the 1960s, color emerged in cinema, replacing black and white pictures as the predominant style in film. Before that, filmmakers used light and shadow to convey mood; but today, color is key to evoking mood, even before the actors mutter a single word. Movie buff Kalki Janardhanan (of Color Palette Cinema) is a firm believer that, “Color can affect us psychologically, often without us being aware.”’

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