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'Nomadland': Chloé Zhao and crew reveal how they made one of the year's best films
Winner of a slew of awards, the film has been nominated for six Academy Awards: best director, best adapted screenplay and best editing for Zhao, best actress for McDormand, best cinematography for Joshua James Richards, and best picture.

But how “Nomadland” was made is every bit as noteworthy as the film itself.

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Read the article in full, here.

How Filmmakers Make Cameras Disappear – Mirrors in Movies
I recently stumbled onto this gem of a video by YouTuber Paul E.T. In the video essay, Paul attempts to learn how the filmmakers of “Criminal: UK” hid their camera from a mirror. I came to learn filmmaking tricks, I left with a new favorite YouTube channel.

“How Filmmakers Make Cameras Disappear” tells the story of one video essayist who desperately tries to figure out “Criminal: UK’s” filmmaking tricks. As Paul goes on this journey, he takes us with him. However, the video still uses elements of traditional video essays. Paul breaks down how three films creatively hide cameras from mirrors but he is no closer to learning how “Criminal: UK” does it than he is at the beginning.

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Watch the video here.

The Story Behind the Shot: Exploring the movie framing of a 'Hero'
Despite postmodernism’s meddling influence, the majority of stories still abide by the classic, tried and tested trope of ‘goodies’ versus ‘baddies’.

In cinema, because we’re morons who get distracted by the gaudy glow of the silver screen’s lustre, we require visual cues that depict things with all the delicacy of a policeman’s knock.

One such gloriously heavy-handed deployment, the kind that guides our internal investigative reporter and lets us know who to root for is the classic ‘Hero’ shot.

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Oscars 2021 tortured viewers for more than 3 unbearable hours
‘How doesn’t Hollywood understand that audiences expect a night of entertainment from their entertainers? The politics, the slobbering adoration and over-acted introductions are hardly ever tolerable, but even more so when not balanced by fun. And don’t tell me that a good-time award show is tone-deaf right now — the biggest movie in America is “Godzilla vs. Kong,” for God’s sake.’

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Read the article in full, here.

‘Paddington 2’ Replaces ‘Citizen Kane’ as Top-Rated Film on Rotten Tomatoes
If there was any doubt as to whether or not “Paddington” is one of the greatest films of all time…well, there’s no longer any doubt, because “Paddington 2” has replaced “Citizen Kane” as the top-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Citizen Kane” has long been the top-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes with a 100% rating on the “Tomatometer.” But as of Tuesday, it’s slipped from 100% to 99% – all thanks to a negative review from 80 years ago. Yes, an 80-year-old review from the Chicago Tribune’s Mae Tinée with the headline “‘Citizen Kane’ Fails to Impress Critic as Greatest Ever Filmed” was what knocked the film off its pedestal.

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Read the article in full, here.

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