Adidas Kit launch

Brand promotion

Client: Leicester City Football Club
Project: Adidas kit launch


For the launch of Leicester City Football Club’s 2019/20 football kit, the club wanted to move away from the traditional studio-based kit-launch photoshoot and work with a video production company to produce a creative, brand promotion film that had contemporary and urban elements to match the club’s and Adidas’ brand values.

Working with Leicester City Football Club’s in-house Head of Creative, Slate and Mortar offered their video production services and provided a Director of Photography who filmed ‘run & gun’ style, in and around the streets of Leicester, to capture all the creative video footage for film.

Alongside a selection of the club’s leading players, the shoot also made use of the club’s newest female football stars, academy recruits, local school children and footballing freestylers, all wearing a combination of street clothes and the new Leicester City FC launch kit.

The talent was filmed playing five-a-side matches, performing ‘keepy-ups’ and showing off their football tricks whilst walking through recognisable local areas within Leicester. The brand promotion film was shot in a very ‘loose’ high-energy filming style, with a fast paced, jump-cut and retro-stylised edit to create a very authentic marketing video.

The final output included four brand films (one for each kit and an overarching combined edit) with a suite of short videos to complement their social media marketing strategy. The outcome was so successful that the initial run of the film was extended throughout the entire footballing season and went from being an online-only marketing campaign to be heavily featured on its stadium and club shop screens.


“We’ve been working with Slate and Mortar for a long time now and the reason we keep going back to them is due to their ability to be flexible in their approach to our video content needs. As a Premier League Football Club, we have a fairly diverse range of output; from commercial and marketing, right through to documentary; and sometimes the turnaround can be very quick. Whether it’s a full production, or sending us over a specialist camera operator, I know that Slate and Mortar will always offer a great service that meets our objectives on time and on budget.”

Sam Chambers
Head of Content & Creative
Leicester City Football Club