Adidas Kit Launch

Merchandise Promotion

Client: Leicester City Football Club
Project: Kit Launch 2022

Leicester City Football Club commissioned us to produce their new Adidas kit launch videos for the upcoming season. With a planned filming date of only two weeks from the point of commission, a simple concept was needed, but one that still had plenty of energy, high production quality and reflected the club’s values and brand image. The marketing team at LCFC had one request – they wanted to use projections in some capacity as this would tie in with their upcoming campaign theme, called ‘Create Iconic’. The creative concept was to use the projections as a simple backdrop, showing iconic moments from featured players’ careers. The players would then appear in front of these images, with further lighting sources and haze effects providing additional texture. Mixed in with the projections would be motion graphics and kinetic typography, again pushing the ‘create iconic’ slogan.

We shot on two cameras (Canon C500 and Canon C70) and prime lenses, switching between a gimble and a jib camera crane to capture sweeping, cinematic shots in what was a fairly enclosed space. Time with the players was limited so actions and choreography had to be kept fairly simple, but at the end of the allotted time, we had recorded contributions from each of our six players. The editing process involved creating multiple formats and versions of the films, which were to be played out across all of the club’s social and owned media channels as well as on their stadium big screen and in-store LED video wall. Editing involved reviewing all of the takes and movements and selecting a short list of shots that showed off the kit and player in their best light. Once the music had been selected by the club, edits were then built that utilised shots from the shortlist, incorporating speed ramps, lighting effects, digital transitions and motion graphics. As well as the main film, individual edits were also created that focussed on individual players and kit features. After reviewing the final project, we were asked by Adidas to produce slightly re-edited versions, which were then featured on their own social media channels.

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