AHC Employability – University of Leeds

Talking-head case-study videos

Client: University of Leeds
Project: AHC Employability

Our team recently produced a series of 9 talking head videos, each ranging from 2-3 minutes, for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures at the University of Leeds. The objective was to promote employability support in each of the schools within the faculty and were aimed at Undergraduate offer holders and Postgraduate applicants. The videos featured staff from each school discussing employability support and opportunities, providing students with a personal connection to their school’s employability lead. By putting a face and name to the individual in their school, prospective students could feel more connected to the resources available to them.

The videos were designed to be used on the Undergraduate and Postgraduate careers and employability web pages, as well as in Postgraduate and Undergraduate email communications. Short edits of the videos were also created to be used in subject-specific digital communications on Instagram and Facebook. The emotional response we aimed to elicit from prospective students was one of reassurance, confidence, and excitement about the careers and employability support available to them. Through the videos, we hoped to improve the visibility of employability support in each school, and to ensure that interviewees were supportive of the opportunities and confident in their ability to guide students towards success.

Our team worked closely with the faculty to ensure that each school was represented in the videos. Staff members spoke passionately about the employability opportunities available to students within their school and provided an overview of the support available, such as career advice and mentorship programs, and highlighted the importance of these resources for students’ future success.

Overall, the project was a success, with the videos showcasing the faculty’s commitment to employability support and providing prospective students with a personal connection to their school’s employability lead. Our team was proud to work on this project and hope that the videos will be a valuable resource for students and help them to achieve their career goals.

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