Big Data Research Excellence Framework

Big Data

Client: Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
Project: Big Data

Slate and Mortar were asked to produce two videos that highlighted the Centre for Disciplinary Methodologies (CIM) research excellence and impact within and outside of the University of Warwick. Made primarily with the upcoming Research Excellence Framework (REF) in mind, but also with the aim of giving CIM’s research communications appropriate exposure to policy makers, industry partners and local & national government offices; essentially the non-academic, professional community.

The underlying objective of the research film was twofold; to promote the vast array and range of world-class expertise on the science of Big Data at CIM; and for the audience to feel compelled to contact CIM as their first port of call when it came to Big Data research.

Through the use of striking imagery, voice over and informative motion graphics, Slate and Mortar scripted an aspirational narrative for the film that looked at what Big Data actually is, and how CIM looks at it from a number of different perspectives; such as exploring human behaviour; power and politics; and as a future resource for social policy.

To stay relevant and to engage with its target audience, the aesthetics of the video need to be ‘on-trend’ but also be appropriate for the subject matter. Therefore, a mix of contemporary music and graphics were utilised alongside the highest production values possible within the parameters of the budget.

The video was released in a number of edited formats across the CIM’s online channels and social media platforms, alongside being utilised for the centre’s Research Excellence Framework submission and at a number of conferences and presentations.

The client was extremely pleased with the final result.


“I want to work with people who are fun, understanding, and ultimately provide a great product that we can be proud of. Slate and Mortar deliver in all these ways and that’s why I’ve gone back to them for our next video project. They were particularly good at supporting us through the filmmaking process. They guided us through areas we weren’t familiar with and they always ensured that we remained in control of the project. If there were moments when we weren’t sure about which direction to take, they really helped us to dig deeper to think about what we specifically wanted to achieve with the film. Slate and Mortar were great.”

Emma Uprichard
University of Warwick