Cardiac Physiology and Audiology

Student Recruitment

Client: University of Leeds
Project: Course videos for Cardiac Physiology and Audiology

The School of Medicine at the University of Leeds commissioned us to produce four course videos (plus social media edits) that would promote their Cardiac Physiology and Audiology undergraduate courses. For each course, there would be two dedicated films – the first would highlight the University of Leeds as a unique and exciting space to study (and engage with potential students who might already have some initial understanding or knowledge of what the courses entail), whereas the second film would be much more overarching and general in content, designed to engage and educate prospective students who might not know the subject matter, but were simply interested in pursuing a pathway into Higher Education.

The two styles of films were structured quite differently from each other. The first film was developed in the style of the ‘traditional’ student recruitment video, using talking-head academics and students throughout the narrative, case study examples, and glossy B-roll cutaways. The producer interviewed a range of academics, alumni, current students and patients over two days, using one day for each subject, and collecting contributor interviews with gimbal-mounted cameras, bespoke lighting and prime lenses.

The second films were more in line with a cinema or tv ‘trailer’, so fully scripted in advance, utilising voice-over and carefully selected stock footage, with onscreen typography and motion graphics. This ‘trailer’ approach had been created for a prior campaign and had proved very successful, so our films had to be produced and designed in such a way that they could sit comfortably within this larger suite of existing content. These films required no filming days as they were built entirely from existing materials, but there was a real emphasis on pre-production scripting, and the selection of the right stock, to ensure that they came out very successfully.

To see the full suite of videos, please visit our Vimeo showcase page, here.

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