Cloud Assisted Real-time Method for Autonomy (CARMA)

Research Dissemination

End Client: WMG at the University of Warwick
Agency Client: CARMA research dissemination

Similar to our previous work on the L3 Pilot video here, which was produced in collaboration with WMG at the University of Warwick, the CARMA research dissemination video was commissioned by the CARMA consortium to highlight the team’s developments in autonomous vehicle research, specifically concerning their work on Cooperative Perception and Cooperative Autonomy. As before, the project would involve talking heads from key contributors and a real-time demonstration of the technology in action, captured and communicated by Slate and Mortar via multiple static cameras, GoPros, drone ariel footage, car mounted cameras and integrated motion graphics. Our experience producing the previous L3 Pilot project meant that we had a successful base structure to work from, and following that format meant that the production process could be more streamlined. 

This project required two outputs, one geared towards industry specialists and the other for the layperson, stakeholder and policy maker. To effectively communicate the differences in language between these versions, and to cut through the technical jargon, we utilised a specialist automotive copywriter, one who was able to grasp and understand the research quickly and translate that into two appropriate video scripts for both demographics. Filming on the day took a similar format to before, with camera positions planned well in advance, and the demonstration captured through multiple run-throughs. Camera teams were placed on key sections of the roadside which meant that they could illustrate the small nuances and details of the demonstration from all angles. GoPro cameras showed the inner workings of the car, and the drone camera followed overhead to give geographical context to the demonstration. 

As before, with an edit that demands specific data and details to be communicated, our team worked closely with the researchers and project leads at WMG to ensure that what was on screen, was 100% accurate and authentic. Our client was extremely pleased with the outcome, (check out the Clutch review they left, here), with final deliverables produced across multiple formats, allowing the content to sit across the research team’s various media channels, as well as having versions built specifically for conference playouts.

Go for new heights with FBS & LCFC 06
Go for new heights with FBS & LCFC 02
Go for new heights with FBS & LCFC 02
Go for new heights with FBS & LCFC 02