Collaboration and Partnership Showcase

Presenter-led case study

Client: University of Warwick and University College Birmingham
Project: UoW UCB Partnership

We were commissioned by University of Warwick to produce a video that showcased the collaboration and partnership between University of Warwick and University College Birmingham. The video would highlight the existing achievements of the partnership and the impact that it had had on the region, both economically and socially. Furthermore, the video would look to the future in terms of the partnership’s potential, its collaboration with business and its overarching vision going forward. The video production was to be presenter-led, with the feeling that a student voice leading the narrative would be appropriate and future-facing. Scripting duties were shared between Slate and Mortar and the two institutes, with an initial draft written using research gathered from the LSE economic reports, and then further drafts being produced in collaboration with the University’s communication and marketing teams, ensuring that the tone of voice felt right for both parties.

 Several students from both institutes auditioned for the presenter roles, (it was important that the presenters were authentic students rather than actors) and once they were chosen, filming took place over two days, with a video production crew of three. We shot using a gimbal set-up, which allowed for smooth walking and talking sections, and the production took place on-site at both institutes. The editing process was fairly smooth, as the videos had been scripted in advance so it was a case of selecting which take we felt was the best read-through of the lines and then dropping in our selected B-roll shots. Simple motion graphics highlighting supporting statistics and key messages were then overlaid before the full video was taken into the final ‘online’ edit mastering process. The brief required multiple deliverables including full-duration edits and several shorter versions designed specifically for social media.

To learn more about the collaboration, please visit the website, here.

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