A Day in the Life of an Economics Student

Student recruitment campaign

Client: University of Warwick
Project: A Day in the Life of an Economics Student

We were pleased to work on a video project for the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick, where we produced a series of ‘Day in the life’ videos showcasing the experiences of undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University. The videos were meant to offer a personal perspective on the life of an economics student at Warwick and to be beneficial for prospective students and offer holders.

The project involved producing five videos, three for undergraduates and two for postgraduates. For the undergraduate videos, we created one for an overseas student and two for UK-based students. For the postgraduate videos, we produced one for an overseas student and another for a UK-based student. Each video was approximately three minutes long and showcased various aspects of student life at Warwick.

The videos featured different scenarios, such as walking from accommodation, attending lectures, attending support and feedback classes, going to the library for self-study, accessing academic support such as drop-in sessions and meeting personal tutors, participating in extracurricular activities, shopping, cooking and spending time with friends.

To ensure that the videos appeared relaxed and natural, we opted for a personal blog style of filmmaking that promoted the courses and the University in an organic way. We worked with the Department to select the students for the videos and guided them in terms of content and style, but we also utilised our experience to provide recommendations on how to create compelling videos.

Our team spent several days on campus filming the different scenarios and working closely with the students to capture their experiences. We wanted to ensure that the videos felt authentic and gave prospective students a real sense of what it’s like to study at Warwick.

The end result was a series of engaging and informative videos that provided a personal perspective on life as an economics student at the University of Warwick. The videos showcased the beautiful campus, the supportive academic environment, and the strong sense of community among the student body. We were pleased to be part of such a great project, and we hope that the videos will help prospective students see themselves at Warwick and make informed decisions about their academic future.