Dignio Integrated Care

Animated explainer video

Client: Dignio
Project: Dignio Integrated Care App

We were commissioned by Dignio to produce an animated explainer video for their new ‘Integrated Care’ app, launched in November 2021. The animation had to explain a fairly complicated system in a way that the layperson could follow and be created in the style of their newly created web page and brand assets. And as the animation was essentially a sales tool that had to create buy-in from healthcare stakeholders, it would need to include a certain amount of promotional features to it as well.

With animated explainer videos, voiceovers are usually recorded well in advance, so it’s essential that the voice-over script is fully approved and signed off by the client before any animation begins. This meant that our script went through many rounds of very detailed amends between the client and copywriter before we gave the green light for any animation work to begin. 

Similarly, before any animation is produced, it’s essential to have a complete understanding of the messaging that the client wants to see on screen, particularly when trying to explain something visually. Therefore, the animation team were required to create fully-realised storyboards to ensure that the right message was being delivered. Numerous meetings were held with the client to discuss and tweak each individual frame of the storyboards, as, without full client approval, no animation work could begin.

Once each frame of the storyboards was signed off, and our voiceover artist selected and recorded, we were then able to take the animation into production, which you might be surprised to know is one of the quicker parts of the entire process, with the two-minute film being built in a two-week window. Again, amends are important at this stage, but the beauty of having a complete storyboard is that these amends tend to be only minor, as all the visual elements have already been agreed well in advance. This meant that in the space of approximately eight weeks, we were able to go from conceptualisation through to the final delivery of the completed animation, just in time for Dignio’s new web launch.

You can find the animation at the top of the page here, and also check out our conceptual boards and final comparisons below.

Dignio animated explainer video 01 A
Dignio animated explainer video 01 B
Dignio animated explainer video 01 C
Dignio animated explainer video 02 A
Dignio animated explainer video 02 B
Dignio animated explainer video 02 C