Education Excellence

Talking-head interviews

Client: University of Warwick
Project: Education Excellence

In collaboration with the University of Warwick, we were tasked with creating multiple, engaging talking head videos that told the personal stories of Warwick staff and students which brought to life Warwick’s education story, focusing on teaching excellence and success in education.

These positive success stories are littered throughout Warwick University and this campaign was about pulling those examples together and building a rich picture of education at Warwick. The main aim of the videos is to influence the culture, attitude and behaviours of the current students and beyond into society. This campaign celebrates the brilliant work that has happened at the University and each video tells the story of these unique individuals.

Filming took place over two days, where we shot the interviewees at the University of Warwick’s Faculty of Arts Building (FAB) inside a studio. Filming inside a studio meant we had full creative control over lighting and the set up to create a visually dynamic and beautifully lit scene that would make up the majority of the videos.

Our approach was to ask the interviewees a series of informal questions which encouraged a conversation as opposed to a formal interview. This resulted in authentic, natural responses that many viewers will be able to identify with and encouraged an inspiring tone throughout.

We then utilised the gorgeous building and space around us at the FAB building to shoot our b-roll sequences with our interviewees, to add further interest and help build pace in the edit. This worked particularly well with Dr. Robert O’Toole’s story as we were able to showcase the spaces of the ‘Virtual Reality Club’ and the ‘Mobile Design Studio’ which brought the video to life.

In the end, we completed four polished, inspiring, high-end videos that shed light on the brilliant work being done by individuals around the University and how Warwick students are benefiting from this innovation, clearly showing that Warwick University is at the forefront of innovation and celebrates these success stories.

STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3
STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3
STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3

Cinematography by Andrew Rutter