FBS Trading & LCFC

PPC Advertising Campaign

Client: FBS
Project: International PPC Advertising Campaign

FBS is an international trading broker with a presence in over 150 countries and over 23 million registered traders and is the primary sponsor of Leicester City Football Club and was very keen to tie the world of online trading with the world of football, which are quite different subject areas entirely. In the film, we wanted to show that both the player’s and the trader’s journeys run parallel and to create a correlation and symmetry between them… how they share the same characteristics and traits such as determination, independence and courage. They might be working towards different goals, but both traders and footballers tackle these challenges with similar mindsets and comparable results. 

There is the implication of trust and success just by associating the FBS Trading app with these moments of hard work and achievement, but we would reinforce this with voice-over, communicating that FBS is there to support you every step of the way and that FBS want you to succeed and achieve your goals. The video production team had to accommodate the playing schedule of the football club, with the only availability of the players being on a media access day, approximately three and a half weeks from the project kickoff point. With around fifteen working days before filming began, it meant that a number of the pre-production stages had to run at the same time. We decided to use very high-specification cameras, with the majority of the film shot handheld on an Arri with anamorphic lenses, a style that allows for a sense of pace, and authenticity whilst still retaining a cinematic look. Running parallel to this, we utilised ultra slow-motion to create moments of stillness to give the film its ‘wow’ factor. We also integrated a radio-controlled Steadicam Buggy, which allowed for dynamic, fast-paced camera manoeuvres which was something we had never used before but adds a fantastic cinematic element to our player shots. For these sequences, we used anamorphic lenses and a RED RAPTURE, which allowed us to film sequences at 180 Frames per second.

For the editing style, we focussed our attention on creating a defined rhythm to the edit to create a strong sense of momentum and dynamism, mixing the pace between the speed ramps, handheld action, and the more sedate urban sequences, all designed to create an authentic and compelling story and narrative throughline. Deliverables for the project included over 30 different variations of the edit across multiple aspect ratios and durations. We were also asked to provide additional photography and on-brand designs that could be used as key visuals for the campaign.

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