Go for new heights with FBS & LCFC

PPC Advertising Campaign

Client: FBS
Project: International PPC Advertising Campaign

FBS is an international trading broker (and Leicester City FC’s primary sponsor) who commissioned us to produce their 2021 international online PPC video campaign. They wanted to promote their link with football and we were tasked with coming up with a creative idea that tied football, and online trading together.

After plenty of conceptual thought and several creative pitches, we came up with the ‘match day traditions’ angle – how players and fans (our audience), share match-day routines and idiosyncrasies such as wearing the lucky scarf, taking the same route to the ground, eating the same meal, etc. We then integrated trading into this ritual, including it in the sequence so it becomes just another part of the match-day process for players and fans. The client was also keen for a little bit of humour, so our scriptwriter and creative director came up with a few playful scenarios, which were fully scripted and storyboarded for the production. We were keen to explore multiple formats, using digital 4K cameras, Bolex 16mm analogue film, 35mm and 120mm photography and Nishika 3D stills photography. We didn’t want the video to feel too contrived, or overproduced – it had to have high-production standards, but also feel relatable, therefore, a low-fi analogue approach seemed appropriate.

With only a three-week lead-in time, production took place in multiple locations across Leicestershire, in a three-day filming block. Using professional actors, extras, and LCFC star players, and with a production crew of fourteen, it was quite the logistical turnaround, but thankfully, filming was completed on time and within budget. The edit was completed in-house, with 20 additional edit variations created for FBS’s international audience across a range of platforms, including Tik-Tok, Instagram, Youtube and even stadium screen playouts. These 20 edits were then translated and subtitled into a further 8 foreign language versions, meaning a grand total of 180 edits created – a truly mammoth task for our editing team!

To find out more about this project, check out this blog link to read what the Slate and Mortar team got up to.

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