INSPIRE Teacher Training

PGCE teacher training

Client: Imperial College London
Project: INSPIRE Teacher Training


Imperial College London commissioned us to produce a series of teacher training videos that focused on promoting their INSPIRE PGCE programme and the various routes into teacher training courses that are offered by Imperial College London and its partner organisations. The video was to primarily target prospective student teachers who might be considering other institutes but who also have a focus towards becoming senior leaders and policy makers.

By combining ‘fly-on the wall’ style documentary footage with talking-head interviews with academics and current INSPIRE PGCE students, the videos covered key student recruitment messages that the university had identified. The videos also gave a snapshot of what life was like for INSPIRE PGCE students and alumni who were teaching within various inner-city London schools.

These videos were designed to not just show teaching in a positive light but also acknowledge potential student’s concerns and their hopes for the course. For example: ‘Is this course right for me?’ ‘Will they have high quality, contemporary teaching?’ ‘Are my teachers active within their field?’ … and less course specific questions such as ‘Will I fit in?’ ‘Will I have a good time?’ and ‘Will I be looked after?’

These PGCE teacher training videos were designed to sit across various websites, social media channels, and play at a number of conferences and events, so consideration had to be taken on branding, duration and a narrative approach to the edit that would suit these channels.