It’s A-Levels results day!

Brand promotion

End client: Birmingham Metropolitan College
Commissioning agency: Net Natives Ltd
Project: It’s A-Levels results day!

Commissioned by Net Natives, Slate and Mortar were brought in to create a brand promotion video for Birmingham Metropolitan College. Filming was required to take place on A-Level results day and our brief was to capture some of the hopes, nerves, aspirations and happy results from the occasion. To keep in line with the college’s brand values, it was essential that the video was shot, edited and delivered within 24 hours – to capture the momentum of the day and to keep the college’s video content as fresh and reactive as possible.

Knowing that the turnaround time for the project was approximately 24 hours, it meant that we had to understand the limitations and feasibility to what we could produce within the timescale and budget constraints. With that in mind, a suite of brand promotion films that focussed on the emotional hook, rather than something with ambitious production aesthetics seemed the correct creative path to take.

Whilst being very conscious that the video needed to have as high production values as possible, our creative approach meant that we could afford to shoot with a much more mobile, smaller crew; freeing us up to collect multiple soundbites and talking head interviews from contributors. We were able to speak to them, both before and after they opened their results… capturing their emotions, their nerves, but also the excitement and sense of achievement on the day.

All of Slate and Mortar’s directors have the ability to edit themselves, which meant the assigned filming director was able to take the raw footage and assemble the initial draft edit very quickly, before handing it over to our ‘online’ team to create a final master version for online distribution.

This quick turnaround meant that the client’s objectives were fully met, with a shareable, immediate brand promotion video that really captured the momentum and positivity of results day.