LCFC Christmas Online Campaign

Christmas Marketing

Client: Leicester City Football Club
Project: Christmas Online Campaign


Leicester City FC had planned a Christmas campaign, designed to highlight the unique LCFC merchandise that was being released for the upcoming Christmas holidays and asked us to produce all of their social media video content. The commercial team at Leicester had strong ideas on what they wanted to create and wished to incorporate six different Christmas scenarios that would allow current and ex-LCFC players to take part in family traditions, such as baking mince pies, playing Jenga, wrapping odd-shaped gifts, etc, and allow them to show off the new LCFC products and merchandise within these scenes. Our task was to cover all pre-production and filming requirements with post-production duties to then be handled by LCFC’s internal production team. 

Video production was completed over two days in a beautifully converted barn in Leicestershire and required significant amounts of set-dressing and lighting to create an environment that felt suitable for Christmas-themed content, yet also allowed enough differentiation between the scenes when the videos were viewed side by side. The scenarios also had to be produced under strict time restrictions, as contributor availability was very limited. We were also shooting the players completely unscripted, intending to capture the contributor’s real responses to the products, leaning into their naturally competitive natures to ensure the content remained engaging. We opted for a multi-camera approach rather than recording with a single operator, which allowed us to pick up all the action quickly, from a variety of angles, meaning that we could get a range of content in significantly fewer takes, allowing us to maintain spontaneity, enthusiasm and authenticity.

The video production crew utilised two steady rigs for handheld shots, and then for a more studio vibe, a third camera was set up on an automated slider, for a wide-angle tracking shot. This type of setup meant that there were always three shots for the editors to choose from. We used lots of warm, diffused lighting to create the Christmas feeling that you often see onscreen, and complimented this by filling the backdrop with as many points of lights as possible, to suggest baubles and Christmas lights.

The full suite of six films came out sequentially across the three weeks leading up to Christmas Day and had a very positive response from the client and the LCFC fan base.

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