LCFC Xmas Campaign ‘Sofa Surprise’

Social media campaign

Client: Leicester City Football Club
Project: Xmas Video

Commissioned to produce Leicester City Football Club’s Christmas 2022 video, based on their ‘It’s a Feeling’ campaign, this video project was a little bit different from prior Christmas campaigns. Rather than a scripted promotional video, LCFC were looking to capture fan and player interactions, as unsuspecting LCFC supporters attended a Christmas photo shoot and were surprised with fan-favourite players Youri Teillimans and Keinan-Dewsbury Hall.

Taking a leaf out of the Saturday night TV book, it was important that what we saw on screen came across as authentic, as the immediate reactions of the fans meeting their hero was where the humour and audience engagement would come from. With this in mind, several GoPro cameras were set up around the LCFC fan store, and two camera operators were carefully placed to capture the action (and reactions) from multiple different angles at the same time.

Editing a multicamera 4k shoot brings its own unique complexities, as it requires a careful eye and (some serious computer hardware). Many revisions of the master edit were required to find the right angles and to choose which interactions to keep and which could be binned.  As this was a social media campaign video with PPC, well over 20 deliverables were required, spanning different durations, different ratios and different start/end cards.

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