Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA)

Case study video

End client: University of Leeds
Project: Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA)


The Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) at the University of Leeds was looking to commission a series of videos that highlight the cutting edge data analytics expertise and infrastructure that was offered by the institute, and how, through collaboration and partnerships, LIDA could inform and support colleagues and external partners in research, education and training.

As the chosen video production company, we knew that the videos had to engage with a broad range of audience types (internal stakeholders, academic researchers, PGR Students, faculty staff across various departments), as well as raise attention and awareness to external parties, such as local council members, charitable organisations, private businesses and policymakers.

Alongside pointing out the benefits of the facilities and the security of its platforms, the films also had to highlight the potential of its collaborative efforts, showcasing examples of existing work and impact through case studies at a local, national and global level.

Due to the challenges and uncertainty around a post-lockdown filming landscape, it was decided early on that a traditional talking-heads film with complimentary b-roll cutaways was the most viable option to communicate these messages. To ensure that the visuals were as strong as they could be, our Director of Photography utilised a mixture of prime lenses and creative lighting to create striking interview shots. This was complemented by a mixture of gimble videography and existing video assets supplied by the University. Shot over a single day, we recorded four long-form interviews, and two sessions of cutaways.

Due to so much useful content being recorded during the interviews, we were able to provide not only the two-minute master copy as originally requested, but also a deep-dive five-minute version that covered the content in much more depth.

The videos were launched in October 2021 and can be seen across the University’s various owned channels.

Selected project stills

University of Leeds, LIDA 06
University of Leeds, LIDA 02
University of Leeds, LIDA 05
University of Leeds, LIDA 01
University of Leeds, LIDA 07
University of Leeds, LIDA 04

Behind the scenes photography

LIDA Behind the Scenes 01
LIDA Behind the Scenes 02
LIDA Behind the Scenes 03