Innovating Education MSc AI for Digital Business

Student Recruitment Video

Client: University of Liverpool Management School​
Project: Course Video for ‘MSc AI for Digital Business’

Following the success of our inaugural collaboration with the Management School at the University of Liverpool, Slate and Mortar were entrusted with a second commission: to create a compelling postgraduate recruitment video for the newly introduced MSc AI for Digital Business. This pioneering course is designed to delve into the expansive applications and trends of AI in the business world, while also addressing the societal and ethical implications associated with this rapidly evolving technology.

Our production team spent two enjoyable days on the University’s campus, capturing in-depth interviews with the program’s academic leaders and a broad spectrum of current students. These engaging discussions were visually enriched by lively, on-location B-roll and hero shots, filmed using prime lenses and gimbal mounts, ensuring the footage possessed a fluid, cinematic quality that beautifully complemented the narrative.

The construction of the video’s narrative began with the detailed transcripts of these interviews, allowing our client to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential content. This foundation enabled us to meticulously refine the footage, through a series of constructive feedback cycles with our client, into its final form. This process ensured the final product was of the ideal duration, effectively conveying all the essential messages without any compromise in terms of engagement.

With the narrative structure established, our focus shifted to the selection of suitable B-roll footage and musical accompaniment. At this juncture, we integrated elegantly designed motion graphics that subtly highlighted the key messages, ensuring they augmented rather than overshadowed the interview content. Our client was invited to contribute their feedback throughout this phase, guaranteeing that the finished product aligned perfectly with their vision.

Upon receiving final approval, we produced various subtitled versions of the video to accommodate our international audience, including tailored editions in Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hindi. To further enhance the campaign, we also developed a series of concise clips for social media dissemination. These were specifically designed to direct viewers towards the course website or encourage them to engage with the longer video edit.

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