Music and Architecture Course Videos: School of the Arts

Student Recruitment Videos

Client: University of Liverpool, School of the Arts
Project: Music and Architecture Course Videos

In collaboration with the School of the Arts, at the University of Liverpool, we were tasked to create eight compelling student recruitment videos, targeting prospective MA students to study courses within their Music and Architecture departments. The primary objective was to provide valuable insights into the eight courses, featuring testimonials from course leaders and current students sharing their own personal experiences, curriculum highlights, and career prospects. Additionally, the videos aimed to showcase the University of Liverpool and the city itself as an ideal destination for students to come and study.

Over three days, a team consisting of a producer/director and camera operator, conducted interviews with 19 contributors, ranging from programme leaders to current students. Filming took place across various locations on campus, capturing b-roll footage to spotlight the departments’ cutting-edge technology and facilities, from a robotic arm, foley studios, to the state-of-the-art new Tung auditorium. In the post-production phase, we crafted the narrative using compelling soundbites from contributors, ensuring alignment with the client’s objectives and themes. Through seamless editing techniques, such as use of slow-motion and creative transitions, we integrated b-roll footage to enrich the storytelling and captivate the audience. This resulted in eight highly dynamic videos that effectively engaged prospective students, showcasing the Music and Architecture department’s offerings, facilities, and the broad range of opportunities available to its students.

MSc Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability in Architecture
MA Advanced Architecture
MA Music Industry Studies