Researcher Profile Videos: Warwick Research Celebration

Talking Head Interviews

Client: University of Warwick
Project: Warwick Research Celebration

The University of Warwick, renowned for its exceptional research and societal impact, sought to celebrate its vibrant research community through a series of events and celebrations. With three key academics unable to attend their major April event, the University required engaging, high-quality videos to ensure these vital contributions were represented effectively. Slate and Mortar were tasked with creating a series of ‘Researcher Profile Videos’ that would vividly bring the researchers’ work to life. The challenge was to capture the essence of their research and its impact and to convey it in a way that felt authentic and engaging.

Over two days, our self-shooting producer/director conducted interviews and filmed b-roll cutaways with each researcher. Keeping the crew to a minimum allowed us to keep the project cost-effective without compromising on quality. We aimed for a conversational and spontaneous feel in the interviews, avoiding scripted responses to ensure the researchers’ passion and personalities shone through. The videos explore intricate research topics, including; how electron crystallography is transforming scientific understanding and its practical applications; innovative research that bridges health, environmental factors, and societal influences; and a film that delves into the nuanced relationships between policing practices, cultural contexts, and community dynamics.

The final videos, each 4-5 minutes long, were showcased at the University’s Research Celebration event in April 2024. They captured the unique voices and groundbreaking work of the researchers, making a significant impression on the attendees and highlighting the University of Warwick’s commitment to impactful research. This project underscored the importance of capturing the true essence of academic research and its societal impact. By focusing on authentic, heartfelt narratives, we were able to create compelling content that resonated with the University’s community and beyond.

For more details about the event, please visit: Warwick Research Celebration