STEM Grand Challenge – Overview Video

Student recruitment campaign

Client: University of Warwick
Project: STEM Grand Challenge – Overview video

We were recently approached by a client who wanted us to create video content to promote their three new STEM courses. The client was launching these courses in October and wanted to create videos that would be used for advertising on social media, their website, and other promotional materials.

Our team immediately got to work on the project, carefully crafting a narrative that would showcase the three courses and the underpinning principles that are common to all of them. We decided to use stock footage, voiceovers, and dynamic motion graphics to pull out key messages and keywords.

The first video we created was a narrative/inspirational video that highlighted the importance of STEM and the positive impact students can make by studying the courses. We used existing footage and edited it to match the voiceover, creating a powerful visual message that would resonate with prospective post-graduate students interested in studying a STEM course.

In addition to the narrative video, we also created three social media edits that were approx. 30 seconds each. These edits were delivered in 16:9, 4:5, and 1:1 formats, with and without subtitles. Our team carefully selected footage and messages that would work well in each format, ensuring that the videos would be effective across all social media platforms.

The final result was a suite of videos that effectively promoted the three new STEM courses and showcased the importance of STEM. The videos were designed to appeal to both primary and secondary audiences, including prospective post-graduate students and their parents/influencers.

We were thrilled to work on this project and to create videos that would help our client reach their target audience. Our team is proud of the final product and we look forward to collaborating with this client on future projects.

STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 1
STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3