STEM: Warwick University, School of Engineering

MSc Course Promotional videos

Client: University of Warwick
Project: STEM – School of Engineering

In collaboration with the School of Engineering at University of Warwick, our team was tasked with the creative and strategic development of a suite of engaging video content aimed at promoting the School’s STEM Master’s and grand challenge programmes. The primary goal was to create compelling talking heads style videos that highlight the unique features, benefits, and career opportunities of several new Master’s courses:

  • MSc Communications and Information Engineering
  • MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • MSc Predictive Modelling and Scientific Computing
  • MSc Diagnostics, Data and Digital Health
  • MSc Global Decarbonisation and Climate Change:

These videos were designed to inform, engage, and motivate prospective post-graduate students to explore further and apply through the university’s website.
The films focus on the cutting-edge of communication and information engineering, showcasing the comprehensive training provided that covers both the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications in modern communication systems. They highlight the course’s depth in educating future specialists and outline the scientific concepts, design, and methods pivotal to the field, preparing graduates for diverse sectors such as aerospace, automotive, and sustainable environment.

Each video encapsulated insights from its lead academics and supporting testimonies from current or alumni students, which was then enriched with relevant stock footage and b-roll showcasing hands-on activities in labs. The narrative was tailored to resonate with our primary target audience—prospective post-graduate students with interests in communications, electronics, and sustainable engineering.

The videos have since been strategically disseminated across multiple channels, including the university’s webpages, email campaigns, virtual open day platforms, social media, and paid media, to maximise reach and engagement. Final deliverables included main feature videos alongside shorter edits used for social media campaigns, ensuring content versatility and platform-specific engagement.

This project not only fortified the School of Engineering’s digital presence but also enhanced its promotional strategy, offering an immersive glimpse into the value and opportunities embedded within its Master’s programmes. Through a blend of expert insights, student experiences, and vivid visual storytelling, the videos serve as a pivotal tool in the School’s ongoing efforts to attract and inspire the next generation of engineering leaders.

STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3
STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3
STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3
STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3