Summer Graduation – Engaging with Alumni

Alumni Engagement

Client: University of Warwick
Project: Economics Alumni

The Department of Economics at the University of Warwick was looking to commission a video production company to develop video content that would engage with its existing alumni and encourage them to become actively involved in the Department of Economics alumni network. With a summer Graduation Festival planned for students who had graduated from the University in 2020 and 2021 (these had previously been cancelled due to pandemic restrictions at that time), this seemed like the perfect opportunity to film recent alumni as they celebrated with friends and family, and for the viewer to find out how they had got on since leaving the University of Warwick.

The films we would produce from these settings would sit across the department’s online and owned digital channels, with messaging orientated towards how contributors had valued their time at the University, what they had taken from the courses, and where their career path had taken them. Nothing was planned to be too hard-sell, with content designed to make other alumni want to get involved directly with the Department of Economics. The event took place over four days, with the ceremonies and receptions taking place on campus in a huge (huge!) marque tent built for the occasion, and then celebrations afterwards at a festival/funfair site set up in an adjacent field. With sunny weather and a great backdrop, there were plenty of opportunities to get really strong talking-head content and beautiful-looking B-roll cutaway footage.

As the commissioners were keen to capture significant amounts of content, with 25+ contributors, filming took place over several days. It was decided early on that we would capture the interviewee in situ within the event itself, surrounded by friends and peers, rather than in a formal, off-site location. This allowed the viewer to gain a sense of the occasion and keep the tone informal, relaxed and authentic. To capture this, the crew was kept mobile, with a simple two-person team, utilising steady cam rigs, lapel mics and portable lighting, which allowed the video production team to be able to move easily between locations. B-roll cutaways and portraiture were shot in slow-motion to create a pleasing aesthetic contrast to the interviews.

The content of the interviews was then split into six themes, covering targeted topics selected by the client, with six themed films being produced. To accompany these longer edits, several individual soundbites films were produced, which could be utilised across a range of the department’s channels. Colour grade and sound dubs were produced in-house and around thirty pieces of video content were delivered to the client.

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