Testimonial Video: Goodwood Estate & iVvy.com

Client Testimonial Video

Client: iVvy
Project: Testimonial Video from the Goodwood Estate

Slate and Mortar were approached by iVvy.com, an Australian-based venue management software company, seeking to create a series of testimonial videos featuring some of their UK clients. Following an initial discussion and a successful pitch, we were thrilled to be selected to produce all of the interview footage for inclusion in a testimonial video that highlighted the use of iVvy’s software systems at the Goodwood Estate.

For projects of this scale, we prefer to operate with smaller production teams to ensure mobility and minimise disruption to our client’s daily operations. Hence, we dispatched a two-person crew to the stunning Goodwood Estate, comprising of a producer/director and a lighting camera operator to film the necessary testimonial video footage. The shoot was efficiently completed in just one day, with interviews scheduled for the morning followed by B-roll footage around the estate in the afternoon. We utilised a gimbal-mounted 4K camera and a variety of prime lenses, achieving beautifully lit interviews and captivating B-roll sequences.

Given that the client’s internal team was responsible for editing the testimonial video, we uploaded the footage to a cloud server through our secure network, allowing our international partners to access it according to their schedules. Post-project, we were extremely pleased to receive feedback from the Goodwood clients, commending our crew’s professionalism and attentiveness. This ensured the interviewees felt at ease and that the filming day proceeded smoothly. Beyond capturing beautiful-looking footage, we believe it’s crucial to meet our clients’ filming goals and to make the production experience both positive and enjoyable.

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