The Designers Republic documentary

Documentary production

Client: The Designers Republic
Project: Feature Length Documentary


Alongside the commercial aspect of being a video production company, Slate and Mortar has produced a number of non-profit projects including this feature length documentary production, which as of 2020 is in the final stages of post-production.

Self-initiated filmmaking projects are a great way of finding fresh and creative outlets for ideas, and this one, directed by our Head of Creative, is no exception. Telling the story behind the legendary Sheffield-based design studio, the documentary collects material from over 30 years of archive interviews with Ian Anderson and other key players in their history. This is combined with fresh interviews with world renowned names in design and music, such as Adrien Shanuesy, Jonathan Barnbrook, The Orb, Clint Mansell and Pop Will Eat Itself.

The documentary was shot in some great and unique locations across the world, including Tokyo, Melbourne and all across the UK. This ‘teaser’ edit has already been featured at a number of domestic and international film festivals, and had its premiere at the world-renowned ‘Design Film Festival’ in Singapore.