Tourism Authority of Thailand

TV & cinema ad

End client: Tourism Authority of Thailand and King Power International Group
Campaign: Phuket is now open

Working in partnership with Leicester City Football Club, we were recently invited back to the King Power Stadium in Leicester to produce another TV advert. This time working in collaboration with the King Power International Group and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, we began work on their latest marketing campaign, “Phuket is now open”, under the theme of ‘Amazing Thailand, Now even more Amazing’. Mr. Tanes Petsuwan, TAT Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications, said, “The campaign forms part of the Royal Thai Government’s efforts to prepare the island ready to welcome back fully vaccinated visitors under the ‘Phuket Sandbox’ model from 1 July, 2021.”

Similar in approach to the previous ad we produced for King Power, this project required us to match our footage with pre-existing material provided by our partner agency. To match this existing Thai material, we were requested to keep our footage looking sunny, light and warm. Our brief was to film short sequences with three Leicester City Football Club players who were all looking at Thailand Tourist Authority imagery, via phone, tablet and postcard. The shoot was then finished off with a series of ‘hero’ shots of the players looking longingly into the distance as if to be imagining themselves in Thailand.

The end of the Premier League season was fast approaching, so timescales were very tight. The one-day shoot date was fixed in advance, with a maximum of 60 minutes each with the players… so inevitably, we ended up filming on a wet and rainy day in May (don’t forget cloudy).

The shoot was a technical exercise for both our Director and Producer and required the film crew to put all of their know-how together to create shots that would both mask the rainfall, as well as recreating a glorious sunny day. We also needed to plan the post-production workflow well in advance, ensuring the editing team had everything they needed to skillfully composite the imagery onto the postcards and mobile phone screens, back in the edit suite. With careful planning, and a highly skilled (and well-managed production crew) we were able to collect all of the shots and more.

Once again, the feedback we had for the content we produced was extremely positive, both from Leicester City Football Club and our partner agencies and clients.

Storyboard comparison

Storyboard comparison 01A
Storyboard comparison 01B
Storyboard comparison 03B
Storyboard comparison 02A
Storyboard comparison 02B
Storyboard comparison 02C
Storyboard comparison 03A
Storyboard comparison 04B
Storyboard comparison 04C

Behind the scenes photography

Phuket is now open BTS 01
Phuket is now open BTS 02
Phuket is now open BTS 03
Phuket is now open BTS 04
Phuket is now open BTS 05
Phuket is now open BTS 07
Phuket is now open BTS 06
Phuket is now open BTS 08