University of Warwick

Client: University of Warwick
Project: Unicyle

University of Warwick had recently launched their new bike hire service ‘Unicycle’ (a franchise of the Next Bike hire scheme) so they got in touch with us to see if we could produce a short brand film that promoted their service to its student body across their various online channels.

As the target audience was already clearly defined, the next step was to look at the film’s key objectives and see which messaging would best resonate with the students and reflect the university’s brand values. With a target duration of just under 60 seconds, we knew that any messaging needed to be succinct and simple to digest; we therefore choose the following simple topics to communicate within the video.

• The bikes are now available to hire on-campus
• Hiring them is inexpensive and simple
• They’re a fun and easy way to go sightseeing and explore the local area
• To hire, simply download the app or pay at the docking stations

The video’s call to action also needed to be very simple and was to just invite the viewer to visit the unicycle webpage.

Shot in one day with a two-man film crew, we visited various locations in and around Warwick, Coventry and Leamington Spa. When it came to the editing stage, we felt a relaxed and evenly paced edit really complemented the positive message and ethos around the Unicycle scheme and we accompanied these with elegant and simplistic motion graphics which were animated and overlaid to emphasise the previously agreed key messaging.

Sometimes, a simple approach is all that’s needed to create a cost-effective and beneficial brand film that will still be used for many years to come.