University of Liverpool Management School

Student Recruitment Campaign

Client: University of Liverpool​
Project: Economics MSc Programmes

We recently had the privilege of creating a film for the University of Liverpool Management School, a project that presented us with the opportunity to capture the essence of one of the UK’s leading academic institutions. Our task was to engage a diverse international audience, to understand the university’s goals and ethos, and to weave a narrative that would resonate across cultures and continents.

The University of Liverpool Management School, part of the prestigious Russell Group, is renowned for its research excellence and innovative teaching. Our film brings this academic vibrancy to life, showcasing the dynamic environment where groundbreaking research in big data, economics, and more is conducted. It’s a place where collaboration and creativity meet, where students and academics work together to tackle significant societal challenges.

Our approach was designed to highlight the state-of-the-art facilities, top-tier academia, and the Management School’s accessible resources, and by doing so, we aimed to position the school as one of the premier educational institutes in the UK, one that significantly contributes to societal issues, policy-making, and thought leadership. Through a series of interview-led segments, we explored the vibrant teaching, research, and collaboration that define the school and we answered critical questions about what makes the Management School distinct and why it’s the top choice for postgraduate study.

In creating a balanced and engaging narrative, we carefully selected contributors to represent the diverse range of courses offered. We highlighted the different opportunities each course provides and the potential career paths they lead to, ensuring that the film reflects the school’s broad impact on the sector. Our conversational approach to interviews brought authenticity and relatability to the film. This style not only made the film more engaging but also captured the genuine character of the institute.

The visual aesthetics of the film combined fluid, high-end visuals with creative cinematography techniques and the editing style was rhythmically driven, using music and tempo to guide viewers on an informative and inspiring journey. Our goal being to create a film that not only showcases the Management School’s expertise but also its collaborative spirit.

Complementing the main film, we also produced research-focused videos featuring selected contributors. These short films provided deep insights into the academics’ work and passion, further highlighting the impact and applications of their research.

STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3
STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3
STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3
STEM Grand Challenge - Overview video 3