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Talking Head Videos

Client: Funeral Choice
Project: London Funeral Directors

Working in collaboration with Funeral Choice in the heart of Central London, our task was to create a series of highly engaging and dynamic, talking head videos, aiming to shed light on the funeral industry from people who currently work within it, for use across Funeral Choice’s social media channels and website.

Funeral Choice helps thousands of people each month plan the funeral they want. They also support funeral directors big and small to showcase the support and services they offer, whilst working with the wider bereavement community, including counsellors, faith leaders and celebrants by providing resources to help the people they support.

The shoot required us to interview six Funeral Directors, to gather their insights and experiences of how they got into the industry, giving advice to people looking to organise a funeral and what they think the future of the industry looks like. The overarching goal of these videos was to provide information and guidance for service users and anyone involved in funeral arrangements, whilst also fostering engagement within the wider community.

The shoot was completed in a single day with a Producer/Director and Camera Operator using a single camera setup. The location was chosen to create a relaxed atmosphere, making the contributors feel like they were conversing with a friend at home, intending to gather more authentic responses on camera. Special attention was given to lighting the scenes to ensure a cinematic and professional final product.

During post-production, edits were refined through a thorough amendment and feedback cycle from the clients, ensuring the key themes and messages of the brief were met. Various video formats were created to maximise effectiveness and engagement across different channels.

The end result was a collection of polished, impactful videos that shed light on the key challenges of the funeral industry, the motivations behind those who enter it, and its future outlook.

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